Charitable Foundation


The Sanrai team has a deep understanding and true appreciation for Education. Learning at every stage of life has meaning. Our goal is to enrich the lives of students at every step.


We sponsor twelve students from elementary through middle school at a school in India. By monitoring student progress from the start of the school year to the end, we hope to encourage them. We focus on average students from needy homes. Our goal is to give them the support to move to the top of their class. Our team works with the school to provide smart-boards and other equipment for student use.


In the US, we work with elementary and middle school students in an after school program. Our focus is to give the students one on one attention for school related work and motivate them to take leadership roles. We also provide financial support to students who are seeking higher education in science and technical departments in SUNY schools.


The Sanrai team is acutely aware of how familial life can be devastated by disease. As a team, we work to improve the healthcare provided to those in need.


We start with providing care for students through the school system. Oftentimes, our team does a child’s first ever physical. There is a complete check up offered to children, including optometry and dental care. These records are given to the parents and kept with the school.

We sponsor orthopedic and vascular surgeries. Our team provides financial support to buy medications for patients in multiple therapeutic classes. We also provide equipment, as needed.


In the US, our focus is working with diabetes and chronic care patients through soup kitchens. We support them financially to better manage their chronic disease. Our team provides essentials for good dental and eye care.


At Sanrai, at our core is our spiritual journey. All of us lean on our inner compass to guide us in moments of happiness and struggle.


Our focus is to streamline the process for the Sikh clergy. We are working to computerize the entire system. We are determined to get financial transparency for each Gurdwara. Our goal is to set up formal plans for the clergy to get trained, private education for their children, and to set up a financial plan for pensions upon retiring.


We financially contribute to Gurdwaras in the US. Our team is dedicated to teaching Sikh youth about their faith and culture through a camp during the summer. We also volunteer our time to teach religious instruments to children.